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Number of Admissions: 170


The following criteria will be applied in the order set down 1 – 6 below by the Board of Governors of St. Mary’s in selecting pupils for Year 8 entry in September.


In the event of over-subscription on any one of the criteria, taken in order, priority will be given on the basis of proximity of home to school.


  1. Pupils who normally reside in the Parishes of Limavady, Magilligan and the part of the Faughanvale Parish served by the Primary Schools Broadbridge and Faughanvale. (Parishes not listed in any order of preference).

  2. Pupils, not residents of the above Parishes, who have brothers or sisters presently enrolled in the school.

  3. Pupils whose parent/guardian is a permanent employee of the school.

  4. Pupils from the following Parishes – Strathfoyle, Waterside, Ardmore, Errigal, Dungiven, Claudy, Coleraine, Banagher, and the part of Faughanvale Parish served by Listress and Mullaghbuoy Primary Schools. (Parishes not listed in any order of preference)

  5. Pupils with special circumstances, e.g. Social Service report, health, security reasons, which make it necessary, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, that they should attend St. Mary’s, Limavady rather than another school. Such an application should be supported by documentary evidence, submitted with the transfer report.

  6. Pupils from other Parishes.


Admissions criteria – Years 9-12


Children may not be admitted where:

  • The admissions number set for a particular year group would be exceeded by the admission of the child.

  • The enrolment number set out for the school as a whole would be exceeded by the admission of the child.

  • The admission of the child would be prejudicial to the efficient use of resources.


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