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Mrs E. Cullinan

Mrs D. Mullan

St. Mary’s Geography department has a shared vision namely ‘to generate an interest in Geography that will last beyond the students’ school career’. We also aim to provide a stimulating learning environment that encourages the student to take an interest in all Geographical matters. In addition, it is hoped that by studying the subject general skills such as communication, expression and evaluation will be fostered

Subject Specific aims include:

  • To develop a ‘sense of place’ and to appreciate the significance of change on the earth’s surface.

  • To acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of physical and human processes and their interactions. Develop enquiry skills through fieldwork, to broaden the student’s experience of the world around them.

  • To encourage a sympathetic understanding of different communities, and cultures within our own society and elsewhere in the world. Develop an awareness of the contrasting opportunities and constraints facing people. Appreciate the importance of sustainable development to the future of the planet.

  • To introduce and develop a variety of geographical skills. Develop ICT skills as are relevant to enhancing geographical understanding and skills.



All pupils study Geography in Years 8, 9 and 10. Our KS3 Programme provides varied and interesting learning experiences under the following headings:

Geographical Skills/ Geographical Themes (such as Landscape Development, Weather and Climate, Ecosystems, Population, Settlement, Economic Activities)/Places and Locational Knowledge /Issues (Environmental Issues; World Development Issues)/Contribution to Educational Themes



CCEA specification for Geography. At GCSE level the subject is divided into 2 modules:

  • Unit 1 – Understanding our Natural World (40%) – Year 12

  • Unit 2 – Living in Our World (40%) – Year 11

  • Unit 3 – Controlled Assessment (20%) - an exam paper based on their fieldwork study which will be about the Curly Burn river in Year 12



BTEC Travel and Tourism Level 2 – 4 units (one of which is external assessment). This level 2 qualification (GCSE equivalent) is to provide students with understanding and knowledge in the travel industry. 

OCCUPATIONAL STUDIES – 2 units, Tour Guiding & Working in Tourism (Internal assessments). This is a Level 2 qualification which offers the possibility of attaining the equivalent of a Grade A* at GCSE. It is intended to provide a program which is rooted in practical and occupational contexts.


KS5 (A Level) Post 16

CCEA specification for Geography. This specification is available at two levels: AS and A2. Students can take the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification. They can also choose to take the AS course as a stand-alone qualification.


Other Information

The Geography Department believes that providing students with the opportunities to study and engage with geography outside of the classroom are vital to enhance their overall learning experience. We therefore in the department organise a number of fieldwork opportunities in the department. These include The Giant’s Causeway, Whiterocks Beach, Roe Valley Country Park, a variety of field studies and Magilligan Field Centre.

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