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Mrs Mc Gonigle

Miss Cairns


Our aim is to promote and foster the skills required for learning a second language

  • To help prepare pupils for the World of Work and to cope with everyday situations on holiday/in the Gaeltacht areas.

  • To promote the 4 skill areas of Speaking/Reading/Listening/Writing

  • To boost self-confidence and thinking skills




  • Pupils will learn to talk about themselves, their family and friends, where they live, their daily routine and pets.

  • Pupils take part in various role-plays in class and games when possible (Games Class/dominoes/flashcard games etc)

  • All pupils in Years 8-10 study 2 periods of French and Irish per week

  • Most pupils have the opportunity to work with a Language Assistant in small groups during timetabled sessions.





  • Pupils cover KS3 topics in more detail and additional other topics such as talking about their future career, environmental issues and issues affecting personal health. Pupils will have the opportunity to personalize their work.


  • The 4 skill areas are tested at the end of Year 12 however, pupils will be given regular vocabulary tests, mini-orals, Reading, Writing and Listening tests throughout Years 11 and 12.


  • Pupils will have timetabled session with the Language Assistant (where possible).


  • Pupils complete an Oral (which is untiered), Listening, Reading and Writing  papers at the end of Year 12 (at foundation or higher tier depending on ability/advice given by class teacher)


KS5 (A Level)

A Level subjects are available through the Roe Valley Learning Community



Other Information

  • Gaeltacht (Years 8-12) stay in in Donegal-Coláiste Machaire Rabhartaigh.

  • Junior Gael Linn Quiz (Year 10)

  • European Day of Languages

  • Open Day-Year 8 presentation

  • French Breakfast

  • Silver Fáinne Exam

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