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Mrs H Mc Gee

Mr K Boyle



  • To stimulate an interest and love of the past

  • To make pupils aware of History all around them and how it has shaped our past

  • To help pupils appreciate different peoples and their cultures

  • To help pupils reach their full potential

  • To create as many High Flying Historians at St. Mary’s School

  • To inspire learning and shape our pupils’ futures



Year 8 study the Normans in the Middle Ages. Pupils look at famous battles, for example, the Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings . We look at Medieval warfare, life in a castle, peasant life, the village manor, the Black Death and the Normans coming to Ireland.


Year 9 study Europe, Ireland and England 1500 – 1700. We study the Tudors, Stuarts, Spanish Armada, The Gunpowder Plot, The Williamite Wars and the Siege of Derry.


Year 10 study Ireland 1800 -1921. We study the Great Famine, Home Rule, Unionism, Nationalism, the Easter Rising, Battle of the Somme and the 1921 Treaty.

Also in Year 10, our Historians study the Holocaust in detail.



We follow the NI GCSE CCEA syllabus. History is very popular and we currently have 71 pupils studying this course. Pupils look at Nazi Germany; Russia and Peace, War and Neutrality in Year 11.


In Year 12 we complete the Controlled Assessment on the assassination of JFK and The Cold War.


86% of our pupils passed GCSE History in 2015. One of our Year 12 pupils was ranked 11th in NI out of the 6,550 pupils who sat GCSE History in 2015


KS5 (A Level) 

We follow the NI GCE CCEA syllabus. History is very popular at A Level.


In Year 13 we study two units - Nazi Germany and Russia 1903 – 1941.


In Year 14 we study two units - Unionism and Nationalism 1800 - 1900; and the Partition Of Ireland 1900 – 25.


Other activities

The History Department enters competitions frequently. 

Our Year 8 pupils go to Carrickfergus Castle.

Year 8 – 10 attend “Living History Workshops”

Year 10 pupils take part in The Crocus Project

Year 10  History workshop with the Nerve Centre, Derry

Various History workshops with RVACC and Causeway Museum.

Years  9  & 10 pupils have worked with our neighbouring school –Limavady High School on joint History adventures

A Level Historians attend A Level History lectures organised by NWHA annually.

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