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Mrs A Bennett

Mr C O’Callaghan

Mrs G. McLaughlin

Mrs C. Hull



  • To enable all students to have equal access to Mathematics and to experience success in their work.

  • To develop, maintain and stimulate student’s curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Mathematics.

  • To develop student’s understanding of Mathematics in its widest context and to see how it relates to themselves outside school.

  • To allow students to develop transferable skills and informed opinions about their Mathematics and to be able to support them by reasonable arguments.



Pupils will follow the statutory requirements as outlined in the specification for Mathematics.

Pupils are tested at the end of this Key Stage and streamed according to their ability.



The top two classes will sit their full GCSE in Year 11 (AQA examining board) and upon passing will study GCSE Statistics in Year 12. 

Other classes will have the opportunity to complete GCSE in Year 12 following either the AQA or CCEA specification.



We offer ‘A’ Level Maths.  This is a very demanding subject therefore it is desirable that pupils have studied high level GCSE Mathematics gaining at least a grade B.

Pupils will also be offered the opportunity to repeat their GCSE Maths.


Other Information

  • Mathsweek

  • LASCO (Latin American Street Children) challenge (Children in Crossfire)

  • National (Pi) Day

  • Curriculum Challenge P6 Local pupils

  • Linking Learning P7 Local pupils


Useful links

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